Top 10 Most Haunted Places in London

We all love listening to supernatural stories about famous places worldwide, and London’s historical places are no exception. If you plan to visit London’s historical sites, why not add spookiness to your tour and create fun out of the scary landmarks?

Read this article to discover the haunting backstory of London’s most famous historical sites. Most of these stories are based on these sites’ natural and gruesome events. But the legitimacy of “ghost sightings” is questionable. Yet, it’s always good to give a creepy touch to your tours and make them memorable for good.

So, here’s your list of the top 10 most haunted places in London:

1) Tower of London

Tower of London
Tower of London

Whenever we talk about “Haunted Places in London”, the Tower of London is the first destination that comes to mind. It’s the most famous haunted place in the UK, with some real stories associated with the castle’s dark history.

Tower Green, the famous execution site of the Tower of London, was the place where Lady Jane Grey was executed after remaining Queen for just nine days. The deceased Queen’s “silhouetted ghost” has been spotted by some people around the execution site even in the 21st century.

Although the Ghost of Jane is the most famous haunted story about the Tower of London, as many as eight more “ghostly figures” have been seen in the castle. These include the ghosts of Sir Walter Raleigh, Henry VI, the Lost Princes, and the most bizarre one, The Ghost of a Bear.

2) Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is one of London’s most lavish and remarkable historic royal palaces. Located in Richmond Borough of London, the Hampton Court Palace also has its fair share of haunted stories. Henry VIII occupied it during the 1530s, and almost all ghostly stories about the Palace have been associated with Henry’s era.

These stories are thought to have been “backed” by famous postcards. For example, Henry VIII’s two wives, Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard, still haunt the Palace. The proof was a postcard photo of a “fake ghost” of a bride inside the Palace.

Likewise, the spectre of Henry’s third wife, Jane Seymour, is also said to have been seen near Silverstick Stairs, close to the room where she gave birth to Prince Edward right before passing away.

3) The Langham Hotel

The Langham Hotel
The Langham Hotel

“A Haunted Room Inside the Hotel” is a typical old-school haunted story. But the one associated with The Langham Hotel is genuinely spine-chilling. The infamous Room 333 of The Langham Hotel isn’t about the fake photos or myths. Several people, including individuals related to the media, have reported ghostly sights in Room 333.

The most notable is the ghost of a “silver-haired Victorian gentleman” spotted by James Alexander of BBC in 1973. This gentleman was a doctor who committed suicide after murdering his wife in the hotel’s Room 333.

Another well-known figure is a German prince wearing a military jacket and strange hair. The prince also committed suicide by jumping out of the window from the 4th storey of the hotel building. Want to spend a night in the hotel room and find out more?

4) Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery
Highgate Cemetery

The cemetery is another classic, old-school haunted site. The stories related to the cemetery are so realistic that it’s one of the most visited sites for paranormal investigators. It all started after World War II when this cemetery, once home to “lavish monuments”, was entirely ruined.

The cemetery supposedly becomes a cult meeting place, giving rise to haunted sightings. These included:

  • An apparition with scary red eyes is standing beside the cemetery gate.
  • A man was attacked by a creature who suddenly appeared behind the cemetery wall and vanished.
  • Sightings of a vampire and a ghostly cyclist.

5) The Ten Bells Pub

The Ten Bells Pub
The Ten Bells Pub

The Ten Bells Pub, primarily known as the most haunted Pub in London, is often part of Jack the Ripper’s haunted guided tours. The Pub is located on Commercial Street in London’s East End. The story states that several victims of Jack the Ripper were active customers of the Pub.

The victims include Elizabeth Stride and Mary Kelly; the latter was seen drinking in the Pub, and her body was found near the Pub the next night. The same event happened to Annie Chapman, who was drinking alone at the Pub, and her body was found only a few hours later. 

Aside from these stories, the Pub’s staff reported some other ghostly encounters.

6) The Grenadier Pub

The Grenadier Pub
The Grenadier Pub

The Grenadier is another haunted pub located in Belgrave Square. The Pub’s location, Wilton Row, gives this Pub a unique spooky vibe with those centuries-old cottages and cobblestoned streets. The supernatural activities at the Pub started back in the time when one of the soldiers of the World War was beaten to death when he was caught cheating at gambling.

Since then, there have been multiple sights of a spirit-like entity moving around the doors of the Pub. People have reported other supernatural activities, such as things mysteriously disappearing, invisible smoke with no source, scary footsteps, and slight moaning.

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7) 50 Berkeley Square

50 Berkeley Square
50 Berkeley Square

Welcome to the “most haunted townhouse in London”, the 50 Berkeley Square! Even touching the house’s exterior walls will send chills down your spine, which, of course, is a myth but works due to placebo. The house was the residence of the former British Prime Minister, George Canning, followed by Miss Curzon and finally by Thomas Meyers.

Meyers was believed to be driven mad after he got rejected by his lover. Haunted stories began to circulate even when Meyers was still living there. He didn’t pay his rent, never came out of the house, slept during the day, and walked alone inside the house carrying a candle.

After Meyers had died, several other creepy incidents happened inside the house. The ghosts that wander the house include:

  • A young woman who committed suicide after being abused
  • A young man who was driven mad after being held captive and eventually died
  • A little girl who was murdered by one of the servants
  • “Bloody Bones” also lived at the Town House

8) Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

It caught you by surprise. The Westminster Abbey also comes up with its share of haunted stories. This Abbey is the iconic coronation, wedding, and burial site of several monarchs and Royal Family members. But that doesn’t exempt it from being a haunted site.

People believe that three ghosts still haunt the Abbey. The most disturbing one is the ghost of John Bradshaw, the notorious judge who died due to a heart attack during the early 1660s. But his remains were later dug up and “symbolically” hanged in 1661. A year later, his corpse was returned to the grave, and his ghost is now seen walking around the Abbey’s hallways.

Other ghosts include Father Benedictus and an Unknown Soldier from World War I who was given the Royal Funeral; no one knows why!

9) Queen’s House, Greenwich

Queen's House, Greenwich
Queens House Greenwich

The Queen’s House in Greenwich is a former royal residence and is now a Greenwich Borough of London museum. It’s part of the National Maritime Museum complex, but there’s much more to this royal site.

The stories about the “Queen’s House Ghost” find their backstory in a famous haunted photograph. The most well-known of these photos is the “Rev Hardy Photograph” of the Tulip Staircase. It shows the image of a mysterious figure trying to rush up the stairs.

Several experts and paranormal explorers investigated the photo, but no one could provide any reasonable explanation. Hence, the staircase ghost remains a mystery to date.

10) The Viaduct Tavern

The Viaduct Tavern
The Viaduct Tavern

Viaduct Tavern is one of the lesser-known pubs in London, on Newgate Street in Holborn. Although it’s one of the most frequently visited public houses, its haunted nature is still intact.

The Pub’s staff and visitors have reported different paranormal activities, so much so that the Pub has been a part of the famous investigative show, the “Buzzfeed Unsolved”. These paranormal activities are associated with a relatively dark past of the Pub.

The most notable part of this “dark past” was the Newgate Prison and Execution Site, which was established opposite the Pub where the Central Criminal Court building stands today.

It’s said that the local inns around the Pub would offer the wealthy individuals the upper floors of their buildings to enjoy a refreshing breakfast while they have a “good view” of the executions taking place at the prison.

Sounds disturbing enough? What honestly creeps us out is that this activity was called “Hanging Breakfasts”.


These are London’s top 10 most haunted places, and their creepy stories certainly are spine-chilling enough. What’s more bizarre is that they’re open to the public and are frequently visited by curious tourists. So, if you’re one of those wannabe paranormal investigators, plan a haunted-themed weekend around these places. Get ready to creep yourself out!


Which is the most haunted place in London?

The Tower of London is the most well-known place in London. It’s famous because of its natural and disturbing past.

Can I visit these haunted locations at night?

The individual night tours of the “haunted places” largely depend on the opening and closing times. However, several “ghost tours” are available for those who love a spooky theme. These tours are generally labelled as “London by Night Tour”.

Is it safe to visit these haunted places?

Most tours of these haunted places are “guided tours”, so rest assured you’re well taken care of. Even for the individual self-guided tours, these places are entirely safe to visit, given you’re following the protocols and guidelines provided.

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