FREE Things to Do in London with Kids

50+ Best FREE Things to Do in London with Kids

London is among the most desirable places for kids, and that isn’t just limited to guided tours and paid attractions. Your kids can engage in countless free activities throughout the city. These activities are diverse enough to offer a fun-filled experience combined with learning.

But what exactly are these free activities in the capital for kids, and how exciting are they? This article is your answer! Here’s the list of top fun things to do in London with kids for free. Expensive family tours are no longer going to be a problem after you’ve gone through this list:

Visit Museums and Galleries

London has one of the most fantastic ranges of Museums and Galleries, including the prestigious British Museum, offering the world’s most extensive permanent collection. Most of these museums and galleries offer temporary exhibitions and hold special events for kids. Plan a weekend around the museum-themed free trips in London. These are the top London museums to visit:

1) Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum

Located in the Museum Neighbourhood of South Kensington, this museum exhibits the natural history of the planet and life residing here. The main attraction is the giant Blue Whale skeleton located right in front of the entrance gate with the museum’s high-rising ceiling. Kids can explore the dinosaur section to see a “moving” model of T-rex, more than half of which is built with actual fossils.

2) Science Museum

Science Museum
Science Museum

The Science Museum offers some scientific phenomena in the most realistic way possible at its famous “Wonderlab.” Designed especially for toddlers and kids, Wonderlab simulates actual scientific events like lightning strikes, a working model of a Tesla Coil, a walk under the stars in a space-like setting, and the effect of gravity via fun-filled slides. Visit different sections to explore how science has evolved over the years, particularly at the Information Age Gallery.

3) British Museum

British Museum
British Museum

This world-renowned museum displays the world’s most extensive collection of permanent works. Activities at the British Museum are endless for families with kids. With so many artefacts on display, it might be a bit confusing where to begin, how to cover the maximum, and where to end.

Fortunately, there’s a Family Desk with plenty of helpful material, including kids-specific activity trails, to help you plan out your route in the museum. The best way is to do a thematic tour. For instance, you can plan a tour around the Egyptian theme and explore relevant sections and galleries from the trails, from the Egyptian mummies and the Rosetta Stone to a frightening sculpture of Scarab Beetle.

4) Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A)

Victoria & Albert Museum
Victoria and Albert Museum 2

V&A is all about fashion, art, and design, not just of the modern world but the evolution of our understanding of art over the years. Get family trails and plan your visit around the things your kids would love the most. Generally, the little ones love to engage in hands-on activities like crafting unique artwork that sparks creativity in young minds.

Most of the activities at Victoria and Alert Museum are free for families. There’s also an incredible display of fountains in the Museum’s central gardens, where kids can run around, and you can relax a bit before continuing your journey at the museum.

5) Museum of London Docklands

Museum of London Docklands
Museum of London Docklands

The Museum of London at Docklands displays the inspiring history of the capital, particularly the River Thames and the Port of London. Toddlers can enjoy hand-crafting activities themed around dockland structures like the port, buildings, and ships. Teens who love exploring London’s history can learn about Britain’s contribution to World War II and how it impacted the city.

Explore Parks and Gardens

London has several lush green parks for families to relax, have a picnic, or cool down during the summer. These are the mainstream “Royal Parks” of London that you must put on your list when visiting the capital in summer with kids:

6) Hyde Park

Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the most well-known park, generally a “go-to” natural attraction for locals and tourists. Located in Central London, Hyde Park spans 142 hectares of area and offers plenty of activities for kids. Families can grab a pedal boat or a row boat and have a lovely session of boating at Lake Serpentine. The park’s spacious green areas, walking trails, and beautiful pathways make for a perfect evening during the summer. Teens can visit the Speaker’s Corner, open every Sunday, to engage in different political and philosophical arguments.

7) Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park
Regents Park

Although Regent’s Park is known for the famous London Zoo, you can also plan an enjoyable afternoon with family in the park since entry is free. For free activities, you can visit four different playgrounds, all designed for children and families. Don’t forget to visit the glorious Queen Mary’s Garden, known for its thousands of roses. It’s a perfect place to spend romantic time with your partner as your kids play around in the garden.

8) Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park
Greenwich Park

Known for the well-known Prime Meridien, the starting point for east and west measurements around the globe, Greenwich Park can be an excellent experience for your teens. Have a classic family photo session at “line of 0-degree longitude”. Walk along the lush green pathways covered by dense trees with the glorious River Thames on either side.

9) Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens
Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens is one of the most beloved parks for toddlers, and all props to the iconic Princess Diana Memorial playground for children. It’s located within walking distance of Kensington Palace. Since it’s a dedicated play area for toddlers under 6, only one adult can accompany their kids to the Playground. Diana Memorial Playground has a Peter Pan-themed play area with a scaled-down pirate ship model and many ponds for kids to jump around and have daylong fun.

10) Holland Park

Holland Park
Holland Park

Another park in the Kensington Area, this beautiful park is known for the lovely Kyoto Garden, which has a stunning variety of blooms in different seasons. If you’re visiting in summer, you can have a refreshing view of the Cherry Blossoms. The Japanese Maple Trees are in full bloom during winter, giving the park a classic autumn vibe.

However, one thing that remains just as fresh and lively throughout the year is the garden’s waterfall. Leave your energetic teens at the adventure playground for a zip-wire and climbing experience, and have a lovely, romantic evening in the garden.

Enjoy Playgrounds and Adventure Parks

Adventure parks, which are best for teenagers, are something your proactive kids are bound to love. Several parks around the capital have dedicated playgrounds and adventure parks for kids of different ages. These are the must-visit parks where the entry and most activities are free for families:

11) Diana Memorial Fountain (Hyde Park)

Diana Memorial Playground in Hyde Park
Diana Memorial Playground in Hyde Park

It’s a beautiful fountain where water begins its flow from the highest point and cascades down to a pool, forming a ring-like structure. Families and kids can enjoy the pool and walk along lush green pathways around the fountain. It’s located close to the Diana Memorial Playground at Kensington Gardens.

12) Princess Diana Memorial Playground (Kensington Gardens)

Princess Diana Memorial Playground
Princess Diana Memorial Playground

Diana Memorial Playground is a pirate-themed playground for toddlers, a dedicated play area with several model objects from the novel Peter Pan. There’s a wooden model of “Jolly Roger,” Peter Pan’s ship. Children can ride the boat, play in the ponds throughout the park, and engage in several creative activities.

13) Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Adventure Playground

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Adventure Playground

Located within a distance from Stratford Tube Station, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a perfect adventure spot for your kids, thanks to its various activities. Your teenagers can spend the whole day doing proactive stuff at Tumbling Bay, the highlight of which is a tree house crossing through a wooden bridge. Other activities include wall climbing, enjoying rock pools, and playing in sand pits for toddlers.

14) Coram’s Fields Adventure Playground

Coram's Fields Adventure Playground
Corams Fields Adventure Playground

Coram’s Fields is another adventure spot with plenty of activities, although it’s reserved for children under 16. As an adult, you must have kids in tow or at least a toddler to enter the Playground. Coram’s Fields offers different activities, mainly for toddlers. Kids from 8 to 16 years of age can engage in sports activities like Table Tennis, Long Jumping, Basketball, and interacting with wildlife.

15) Battersea Park Children’s Zoo and Adventure Playground

Battersea Park Children's Zoo
Battersea Park Childrens Zoo

This beautiful spot is located in the Battersea Borough on the South Bank. Battersea Park Children’s Zoo has many exotic animals and wildlife, especially for toddlers. The zoo also has an adventure playground for kids of every age. Although it’s paid, consider having a guided zoo tour that includes an optional zoo-themed birthday party arrangement and educational workshops for kids.

Watch Street Performances

While you’re out there with kids, how about watching street performances happening at almost every instant around the city? These performances don’t have to be specially arranged; instead, they’re independent acts displayed by individual street performers. These are the locations most likely to have active street performers your kids are surely going to love:

16) Covent Garden

Covent Garden
Covent Garden

One of the most active, busy, and beloved neighbourhoods in London is Covent Garden. It’s located in the centre of London’s West End and always has street performances going on. Keep your kids entertained throughout the day by watching these performances and visiting stalls and markets around the area.

17) Southbank Centre

Southbank Centre
Southbank Centre

Southbank Centre combines several venues, halls, and galleries with incredible performances that are ongoing almost daily. Entry to these venues requires a paid ticket. But if you don’t feel like spending much, watch the street performances just outside the centre on the South Bank of the Thames.

18) Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is best known for the monument hosting a statue of Admiral Nelson, the hero of the Trafalgar Battle. Walk along the range of never-ending shops, food stalls, and markets near the square.

Since it’s a busy area, just as buzzing as New York’s Times Square, there’s always some fun, silly, or engaging activity near the fountain. Also, there’s the well-known National Gallery at Trafalgar Square, which should be the highlight of your visit.

19) Leicester Square

Leicester Square
Leicester Square

Another vibrant and zealous city area is Leicester Square, where different sculptures of prominent figures have been displayed over the years. Visit the statue of William Shakespeare at the centre of the Square, and your kids can easily spot street performers doing unique activities that are as adorable as goofy.

20) Camden Market

Camden Market
Camden Market

Camden Market is located near Regent’s Park, so one thing that makes it stand out is a lovely walk along the Regent Canal. You’ll see proactive teens breakdancing and displaying individual performances along the canal.

All these street performances are undoubtedly free for the public. But they’re a way for teenagers and young adults to make some living from their talent and skilful actions. So, rewarding them with a few pennies would keep those performers going and the atmosphere blooming.

Attend Family-Friendly Festivals and Events

If you’re driven towards professionally managed events, you can attend free festivals and events specialised for families with kids. Most of these events require pre-booking, which is unrestricted, although some activities can be paid for on the spot.

21) Southbank Centre Events

Southbank Centre Events
Southbank Centre Events

Explore free events at Southbank Centre, most of which are artwork displays inside the centre. Notable kids’ events include a Children’s Orchestra, Playing Upcycled Instruments, a Rooftop Kids’ Gathering, Food Market activities, and Disappearing Rooms via vanishing fountains, a perfect summer activity.

Most events at the centre are temporary, but something equally enjoyable always replaces them. So, be sure to check out the Southbank Centre website to know about the free events before you visit.

22) Greenwich+Docklands International Festival

Greenwich Docklands International Festival
Greenwich+Docklands International Festival

It’s an annual performing arts festival conducted during summer. The 2024 festival is all set to begin from the 23rd of August to the 8th of September. It’s a city-wide festival with activities going on throughout East and South East London at different locations. The festival touches on other areas of performing arts and is packed with so much entertainment for kids. During the festival days, find these activities under the GDIF banner going on at these places:

  • The City of London
  • Canary Wharf
  • Thamesmead
  • Greenwich
  • Newham
  • Royal Docks

23) Notting Hill Carnival (Children’s Day)

Notting Hill Carnival (Children's Day)
Notting Hill Carnival Childrens Day

If you plan to visit the capital in August, the Notting Hill Carnival is a must-visit for the kids. This colourful carnival will take place on August 25 and 26. The Carnival will include a lively parade on Sunday, August 26th.

Sunday will be a family day where kids can try costumes from their favourite brands and enjoy various activities happening during the parade. The carnival covers your summer weekend in the most delightful way possible, given you’re here at the right time.

24) Lambeth Country Show

Lambeth Country Show
Lambeth Country Show

Lambeth Country Show is one of the largest free family festivals in London, and it is entirely unticketed, which means anyone can show up during the event. It’s all set to take place on the second weekend of June (8th and 9th of June).

The event’s lineup includes the good old Wall of Death, Vegetable Sculptures, and Sheep Shearing. Thousands of people, including families and kids, are expected to attend. So, if you’re visiting the capital in June, find your way down to Brockwell Park in Brixton.

25) London Wonderground at Southbank Centre

London Wonderground at Southbank Centre
London Wonderground at Southbank Centre

London Wonderground is a family-friendly event that frequently happens at Southbank Centre. It deserves a separate mention, and all for good reason. First, the events and venues lined up are comprehensive, ranging from food festivals, adventures, theatres, street performances, and comedy and drama clubs.

Kids specifically love going to the mini beach at South Bank, so be sure to put it on your list. The centre is right next to the London Eye, so expect your kids to ask for the London Eye flight as well, and rightly so. It would be a fitting end to your adventurous afternoon.

Walk Along the River and Bridges

London is adventurous, but the city’s main claim to fame is its spectacular scenery, no matter what neighbourhood you visit. After an enjoyable day, take a soothing walk along the bridges of London and, of course, the splendid River Thames.

26) Thames Path Walk

Thames Path Walk
Thames Path Walk

The Thames Path is a national walking trail that stretches over 128km across the River Thames in Southern England. Plan short segments of walking trails where you can find fun activities for families and kids. This could be a workable tour itinerary for your Thames Path Walk in London:

  • Richmond to Kew Gardens: Start from Richmond Park and walk your way to Kew Gardens, where you can rest, relax, and enjoy a small picnic.
  • London Eye to Tower of London: This is the most famous walkway on the Thames Path. You can start early in the morning after a London Eye flight and continue your journey down to Tower Bridge via Thames Embankment. The sightseeing on this path is outstanding, with monuments like the National Theatre, Borough Market, and Tate Modern coming your way.

27) Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge
Millennium Bridge

This famous footbridge connects Bankside with the City of London. The bridge is known for the “Death Eaters Attack” scene in Harry Potter, so it will undoubtedly captivate the kids as they cross the bridge. The total walk time is only 5 minutes. The bridge offers some glorious sightseeing opportunities, including the Tate Modern at Bankside, St. Paul’s Cathedral at the City of London side, and the River Thames while crossing.

28) Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge
tower bridge lift ceremony

Although the most loved glass walkway on the Tower Bridge requires a paid ticket, you can cross the bridge by general pedestrian. An evening walk with your young ones can offer stunning views of London’s skyline, for instance, Canary Wharf on one side and the Gherkin and the Shard on the other.

29) Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge
Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge is the most popular Thames bridge in London, and an afternoon walk along the bridge is astounding. Imagine walking during a chilly afternoon as you sightsee the iconic Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, the Thames, and the London Eye. It’s all about those outstanding views that probably every tourist wants to experience. Nothing makes the experience more delightful than walking along this bridge with your family.

30) London Bridge

London Bridge
London Tours

Connecting the City of London with Southwark, London Bridge can be another exceptional walkway for families with kids, mainly if you’ve just visited the Borough Market. It starts from Borough Market Southward and extends to the Great Fire Monument in the City of London. If you have these two destinations in your list, choose a walk along the London Bridge to get to either one.

Explore Historic Landmarks and Monuments

London’s history is deeply rooted in its Royal culture. So, any historic tour around London would include royal and cultural landmarks. Plan a weekend trip around these landmarks and monuments with your family to explore the historical side of the capital, something London is widely popular for:

31) Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

Any royal London tour would be incomplete without attending Buckingham Palace’s Changing of the Guards ceremony. The ceremony is totally free and unticketed to participate in. You can either choose to watch from the parade route or the Buckingham Palace courtyard. If you’re with a family, of course, getting to the Palace courtyard early in the morning will provide the best possible experience of the ceremony.

32) Tower Bridge Exhibition

Tower Bridge Exhibition
Tower Bridge Exhibition

Climb up the Tower Bridge of London for spectacular views of the capital. The best activity at the Tower Bridge Exhibition is the “Glass Walkway,” a seethrough walkway connecting both towers. This thrilling experience is surely going to fascinate the kids. Entry for kids below 5 years of age is free, but they must accompany an adult, which may cost some pennies. But the panoramic views, engine room, and glass walkway make it totally worth it.

33) Paul’s Cathedral (Outside)

St Pauls Cathedral

Approach St. Paul’s Cathedral from the Millennium Bridge, and your kids won’t thank us enough! The entry to the Cathedral requires a ticket for solo travellers and families alike. But the sightseeing experience, particularly from the Millennium Bridge side, is simply marvellous.

34) Houses of Parliament and Big Ben (Outside)

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

We’ve just mentioned the stunning vibe of walking along the Westminster Bridge and sightseeing Big Ben. Approach these landmarks from the bridge and take a walking tour around the Houses of Parliament for an up-close view of the Big Ben and the Westminster Abbey.

35) The Monument to the Great Fire of London

Monument to the Great Fire of London
Monument to the Great Fire of London

The monument is located at the northern end of London Bridge. It’s best to take a short walk from Borough Market and cross London Bridge. It’ll lead you straight to the monument.

You can try explaining the history of the Great Fire of London to your kids, including how it burned 87 churches and over 13,000 houses in the city. The event is as inspirational as it is horrifying, as the city was reconstructed in a more organized and safer way once the impact began to cool down.

Discover Interactive Exhibits

London offers several free interorganisedhibits for families, both indoor and outdoor. Famous spots like the Royal Observatory in Greenwich and Mudchute Park in Tower Hamlets provide a wide range of exhibits for kids. These are your top accessible destinations to discover interactive exhibits:

36) Discover Children’s Story Centre

Discover Children's Story Centre
Discover Childrens Story Centre

Perfect for children under the age of ten, the Discover Children’s Story Centre is an adorable kids’ museum centred on language, stories, and literature. The highlight of the museum is its “Story World” and “Story Garden” sections, where children can listen to interactive stories, spark their imagination and creativity, and run around in the small play areas.

General entry to the museum for toddlers is free, but access to the Story sections requires a ticket for £10 per 2 y/o child and above, £5 per 1 y/o child, and free for infants under 1 y/o.

37) Mudchute Park and Farm

Mudchute Park and Farm
Mudchute Park and Farm

Located in Tower Hamlets Borough of East London, this 32-acre park is more like a haven for the adorable livestock. Children can interact with over 100 animals roaming around the farm. Your little ones can pet and feed the baby goats, sheep, llamas, geese, chickens, ducks, and peacocks. It’s like an unrestricted zoo, but based on the livestock theme, it offers more interactive opportunities for animals.

38) Horniman Museum and Gardens

Horniman Museum and Gardens
Horniman Museum and Gardens

Horniman is a “hidden gem” of London. It is a highly underrated museum that offers plenty of free exhibits for children. The museum beautifully unites culture with nature. Entry to the museum is free, but access to its lush green outdoor spaces requires a paid ticket. However, any fine afternoon can be spent at Horniman roaming its spacious halls and exploring its collection of 350,000 works.

39) The Crystal (Sustainable Cities Initiative)

The Crystal (Sustainable Cities Initiative)
The Crystal Sustainable Cities Initiative

The Crystal, now known as the City Hall of London, is an all-glass building built around the norms of modern architecture. The building has an exemplary, sustainable design, using a unique combination of reflective and transparent glass pieces to minimise energy consumption. Visiting this unique structure will be a great learning opportunity for teens and young adults, allowing them to learn more about sustainable practices.

40) Royal Observatory Greenwich

Royal Observatory Greenwich
Royal Observatory Greenwich

Visit the geographical centre of the world, Longitude 0° 0′ 0”. Greenwich Royal Observatory is the Prime Meridian, the exact point where the East and West Hemispheres meet. Entry to the observatory requires a ticket; however, several free activities are available outside the observatory courtyard. Have a family photo session with the incredible Shepherd Gate Clock, which shows the exact Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in 24-hour analogue format.

Join Guided Walks and Tours

A walk along the Thames is undoubtedly a relaxing way to end your day. But a guided walking tour across different locations will be more eventful for your kids. It’s not like you’ll hire a proper guide on this tour, but rather join a group of other families walking around the city’s landmark. You can create your own guided tour as well based on the following trails:

41) Harry Potter Walking Tour

Harry Potter Walking Tour
Harry Potter Walking Tour

Take a walking tour of Harry Potter’s studio and real-life locations with kids. These include King’s Cross station (platform 9 3/4 in particular), St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Leadenhall Market, Millennium Bridge, and Claremont Square.

All these locations are within walking distance of each other, and you can design your own worthwhile tour itinerary around them. Use the London Underground for locations far apart. For instance, if you want to travel to Claremont Square from Leadenhall Market, you may have to take a bus or Tube instead of walking.

42) London Underground Tours

London Underground Tours
London Underground Tours

Do you admire the complex system of London Underground, one of the oldest public subways in the world? Well, prepare to increase your admiration for London’s iconic Tube with a two-hour trip of this metro system. See the original plans and explore the steam engines that were used back in the 20th century. Keep an eye out for the “ghost station at the British Museum” and learn about the inspiring hand-dug tunnels used during the initial days of this metro system.

43) Street Art Walking Tour (East London)

Street Art Walking Tour
Street Art Walking Tour East London

Take your kids to the “non-conventional” side of London, one that you can’t find in the typical guidebooks. Visit the Truman Brewery in East London, which is widely known as the centre for abstract street art and graffiti. The entire Brick Lane in Tower Hamlets Borough is known for creative and inspiring street art. Walk along this vibrant street and relax for an afternoon tea at one of the excellent cafes at either end.

44) Jack the Ripper Tour

Jack the Ripper Tour
Jack the Ripper Tour

It’s time for something spooky and dark, primarily associated with the haunted past of the capital! Jack the Ripper Tour is going to be a spine-chilling tour for your little ones as they walk past the dark alleys of Whitechapel High Street. Learn about the notorious Jack the Ripper, a serial killer known for the dark, haunting stories. It’s a free tour but requires booking with a professional tour operator.

45) Ghost Walks (Various Locations)

Ghost Walks London
Ghost Walks Various Locations

A ghost-themed, self-guided walking tour can be an excellent opportunity for kids to draw fun activities out of London’s haunted past. Visit the locations primarily associated with creepy stories. You can plan a walking tour starting from the Tower of London (outside tour) to All Hallows by the Tower (10 minutes walk from the Tower of London), Borough Market, Great Fire Monument, and finally the Clink Prison Museum.

Visit Local Markets and Street Fairs

London’s street fairs almost never end! Nearly every famous busy market continues to host unique street fairs, so entertain your kids with street fairs as you take a break from those tiring walking tours.

46) Borough Market

Borough Market
Borough Market

Borough Market is known for its fresh food, local cuisine, and afternoon tea spots. In addition to the fresh food, the market often hosts special events featuring live music, cooking demonstrations, and themed market days based on the festival or season. The market is free to visit. However, it’s very busy during the weekends and holidays. The ideal time to visit with family is early morning on weekdays as soon as the market opens.

47) Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market
Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market should remind us of the Notting Hill movie, as the market provided an aesthetic setting for that blockbuster. For kids, though, the market’s colourful display of antique and classical items will be attractive. But that’s not all. The market also features a vintage collection of fashion items, apparel, and some delightful food options.

48) Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market
Columbia Road Flower Market

Another bustling market, mainly for its limited opening time (Sunday from 8 AM to 3 PM), Columbia Road Flower Market features a lovely selection of local and exotic flowers. The market is perfectly set against the Victorian backdrop of Columbia Road. Head to Bethnal Green early in the morning, before 8 AM, if you’re with family and want to avoid the buzzing crowd.

49) Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market
Greenwich Market

Another antique market, but more like an indoor one! The Greenwich Market offers bric-a-brac and handicraft stuff, which is great for kids. You can buy plenty of items like customised key chains, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, and chains for your little ones as souvenirs. It’s a covered market customisedght next to the National Maritime Museum. Entry is free for solo travellers and families.

50) Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market
Leadenhall Market

Located on Gracechurch Street near the Tower of London, this covered market is home to shops, boutiques, retail stores, and restaurants. But that’s not the main claim to fame of this market. The Leadenhall Market has been one of the locations for the Wizarding Market of Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movies. Finding the Leaky Cauldron hidden somewhere between the shops is going to be a fun activity for kids here.

Wrap up

The diversity of London is something that sets it apart from many other tourist destinations, and that’s why it’s one of the most family-friendly cities. Street fairs, themed tours, parks and gardens, walking tours, and historical tours – you name it, the free activities in London for kids are simply boundless. No matter the age group, from toddlers to teenagers, the capital always has something for the young ones.

Be sure to gather all the necessary information about any tour you’re taking. Since these activities are free, all tours must be self-guided. So, carefully plan the route, bring along water and snacks (especially on walking tours), and include several stops to rewind and relax at any nearby restaurant. Happy adventuring!


Can I visit multiple attractions in one day with my kids?

You can visit multiple attractions in a single-day tour. The best way is to have a themed walking tour, such as a Harry Potter Walking Tour, with a carefully planned tour itinerary. This will include all the filming locations within walking distance from each other. Likewise, the Thames Path Walk within Westminster City can work as a great sightseeing tour that can be completed in one day.

Are there any age restrictions for children at these attractions?

Only a few destinations have age restrictions based on the activity. Some adventure parks offer energetic and daring activities like tree-to-tree crossing, zip wire, and high-rope challenges. Diana Memorial Park, on the other hand, is more suitable for toddlers and children under 9 y/o for its basic yet interactive fun activities.

Are there any additional costs besides admission fees?

All the attractions on the list are free (at least for the basic entry part). Every add-on requires additional costs besides the basic admission. For example, a walking tour outside Greenwich Observatory is free, but entry to the courtyard and the Royal Observatory Telescope requires a paid ticket.

Are there any discounts available for families or groups?

Several attractions offer a range of discounts based on children’s age groups, generally categorised as 0-6, 7 to 12, and 13 to 19 y/o. However, refer to the official website of that destination to confirm the dcategorisedails.

What is the best mode of transportation for getting around London with kids?

The two best modes of transportation are the bus and the London Underground. The red double-decker bus offers some sightseeing experience as you travel through the streets of the capital. The London Underground is somewhat quicker and more instant if you have to travel to longer routes. Choose based on your requirements.

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