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Being a Harry Potter fan, we all wanted to enter the Wizarding World and cast the magic spells like our favourite characters did in the movies. While you can’t physically enter the fictional world of Harry Potter, you can relive those popular sites you saw in the movies.

From platform 9¾  at King’s Cross to Diagon Alley’s inspiration, the Leadenhall Market, this day tour via taxi is packed with 10 marvellous spots relevant to the Harry Potter movies.

Have a comfortable ride on the iconic black cab of London with 5 others in your group. Refresh your memories from the movies and visualise every thrilling scene happening in front of you, as your car passes by each landmark.


  • Begin your tour at King’s Cross Station visiting Platform 9¾. End it at Cambridge Theatre at the West End.
  • Ride in the classic black cabs of London with a professional and knowledgeable driver.
  • You can book this trip as a “group tour” with 6 individuals aboard.


Relive your memories of Harry Potter by visiting real-life destinations of the Wizarding World on this day tour. It’s a worthwhile sightseeing adventure for every Potterhead. Explore 10 different locations having a direct or indirect relevance to the Harry Potter story, book, or movie.

Book yourself a cosy and comfortable black taxi with an energetic driver. Make it all work like a private tour guiding you through the streets of London towards various locations. Here’s the detailed tour itinerary:

1. King’s Cross Station Platform 9¾

Remember that famous platform 9¾ that caught us all by surprise? Your tour begins from this very platform at King’s Cross Station. Capture some memorable photos posing with a half-trolley sticking out of the wall.

2. St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Right next to the King’s Cross Station is the magnificent St Pancras Renaissance Hotel boasting remarkable architecture in unique red hues. It’s one of the lesser-known locations filmed in Harry Potter, specifically in the second instalment of the film franchise when Harry and Ron took the flying car to Hogwarts after missing their train.

3. Leadenhall Market

Enter the Leadenhall Market featuring marvellous architecture of the Victorian Era. This market was one of the inspirations for Diagon Alley. Visit the market and see if you can find your way down to the Leaky Cauldron hidden somewhere in the shops.

4. Trafalgar Square

Although Trafalgar Square had very little direct connection to the Harry Potter World, the location is still significant enough for being one of the sites where Death Eaters attacked the Muggle world.

5. St. Paul’s Cathedral

That geometric staircase leading to Professor Trelawney’s Divination class was inspired by the central staircase of this marvellous Cathedral. Your cab stops near St. Paul’s Cathedral to let you take in the architectural beauty of the landmark.

6. Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge is the first “Muggle world landmark” to be destroyed by Death Eaters. But don’t worry, it was only in the movies, the landmark still exists. Capture the stunning views of the bridge on St. Paul’s backdrop as your cab passes by.

7. Claremont Square

Initially home to the family of Sirius Black and later turning into a significant location as the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, Claremont Square will take you back to those heartwarming scenes where Harry embraces Sirius.

8. Gringotts Bank

Now this is a location that takes almost everyone by surprise! Did you know? The main interior of the Gringotts Bank was largely inspired by the exhibition hall of Australia House (the Office of the Australian High Commissioner to the UK). The building’s exterior also resembles the twisted structure of Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

9. Harry Potter Themed Shop

Your cab takes you to a themed shop near Leicester Square Tube station where you can buy gifts, souvenirs, and “magical items” such as Wands, Robes, and Hats.

10. Cambridge Theatre

Finally, your tour ends at Cambridge Theatre and Palace Theatre home to the legendary play of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Have a superb sightseeing experience at the theatre and discover the place where the magic of the Wizarding World is still going on.


  • Tour duration may vary with traffic conditions and the time spent at each stop. Please discuss the timing details in advance when booking.
  • Tour pick up from your hotel


  • This tour can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to travel date
  • You are booking a cab that can accommodate six people
  • Prices are per car, not per person.

What's Included

  • Sightseeing of 10 locations of Harry Potter around the City of London.
  • Available for a group of 6.
  • Ride in a comfortable black cab with an energetic and knowledgeable driver.

What's Excluded

  • Food or drink options.
  • Gratuities
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