Halloween Events in London

10 Best Halloween Events in London for Families

Are you making plans for this year’s Halloween? What’s better than spending a truly spooky week in London? The city itself gives a dark, twisted feel during the Halloween weeks. What makes your tour more remarkable is the Halloween-themed events at the capital’s famous landmarks.

Imagine spending an October weekend at the Tower of London, All Hallows By the Tower, and Westminster Abbey, the places already infamous for being haunted for several years. What else is there in the capital that covers up your Halloween holidays? This article lists the top 10 Halloween events in London. Make the most of your frightening holidays and get ready to creep yourself out:

1) Tower of London

Tower of London
Tower of London

The Tower of London is the UK’s most famous “haunted” place. And that’s why you must take a Halloween-themed tour around this castle’s centuries-old walls. Even if there’s no particular Halloween event at the Tower of London, the frightening stories of this castle alone are enough to creep you out.

You can combine the Tower of London tour with other haunted places nearby for a terrifying Halloween-themed weekend. Don’t forget to add the infamous Anglican Church, “All Hallows by the Tower”, to your list next to the castle.

2) London Dungeon

London Dungeon
London Dungeon

The true essence of Halloween is revealed here at the famous London Dungeon. It’s a place that recreates the darkest stories of London in the most realistic way possible. These include the disturbing stories like:

  • The Sweeny Todd of the Fleet Street
  • The Torture Chamber
  • Jack the Ripper

It’s a 90-minute walkthrough tour of this haunted attraction. London Dungeon is located on the South Bank of the River Thames near the London Eye, next to the SEA LIFE Aquarium.

3) Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Warner Bros. Studio Tour
Warner Bros Studio Tour in London

Harry Potter World at Warner Bros. Studio in London gets a complete Halloween Makeover during the season. You’ll learn about the darkest aspects of the Wizarding Worlds, like the Death Eaters, Dementors, and Dark Arts.

Warner Bros. Studio will host a special “Halloween At Hogwarts” event from 13th September to 10th November. At the studio, you’ll see several Halloween Pumpkins hanging by the ceiling of Hogwart’s Great Hall. You will also see the digital projection of the Death Eaters’ iconic “Dark Mark” all over the studio.

4) Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park
Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is known for its “award-winning” special Halloween event, Fright Night. Located in the village of Thorpe, this theme park is 20 miles away from Central London and is a perfect Halloween spot for families with kids.

The terror and scare will come alive right after the sunset every day during the Halloween Season. Notable events at Thorpe Park during Halloween include:

  • The Scare Maze
  • Thrilling Rides
  • Special Scare Zones

Keep an eye out for the ticket at Thorpe Park’s official website. The event is set to take place from 4th Oct to 6th Oct, 11th Oct to 13th Oct, and 17th Oct to 3rd Nov.

5) Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace

This luxurious palace was once occupied by Henry VIII back in the 16th century. The Hampton Court Palace enjoys a “haunted” reputation, contributing to its tourist popularity. The Halloween at Hampton Court Palace is themed around the “ghosts” that haunt the place.

At the event, you’ll engage in a scary session where your group will hunt down the ghosts of the palace at its various locations. The special events include:

  • “Ghost Stories” at Cumberland Art Gallery, where you will listen to the tales of Henry’s wives and how they still haunt the palace. 
  • I visited Henry’s Kitchen to learn “Potion-Making” and “Protective Marks”.

6) Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum

For a comprehensive guide to family-friendly attractions, check out our list of the best museums in London for kids. “Halloween at the Museum” is a yearly special event at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington’s Museum Neighbourhood. The Natural History Museum offers a realistic take on the scare, fun, and entertainment instead of the classic ghosts and spirits.

The event includes a Tank Room Tour featuring hundreds of natural specimens and a giant squid placed uniquely to create a creepy aesthetic. For an even more bizarre experience, join the unique Spooky Tour to discover the museum’s weirdest creatures, something they call “all-time strangest specimen”.

7) The Shard

The Shard
The Shard

The Shard is the tallest skyscraper in the entire UK and takes nothing away from the tourists regarding having aerial views of London. “The View from the Shard” is this skyscraper’s most famous tourist activity. You can enjoy lovely aerial views of the city from the observation deck on the 68th to 72nd floors of the Shard.

Like all other attractions during the Halloween season, the Shard also has a Halloween makeover. However, the place mainly relies on aesthetics. So, expect a slight touch of horror to this experience blended with elegance and luxury.

8) Greenwich


The Halloween events at Greenwich Borough of London are all set to begin on 27th October, this time at the Cutty Sark Gardens. It’s a family-friendly event centred around entertainment with a bit of spookiness.

  • On the 27th, you can enjoy performances from the local dance groups and singers.
  • On the 28th, the Rock Choir and the Magical Show will commence.
  • Halloween Pumpkin Carvings will happen on both days. Families will get pumpkins and carving kits to let the creative artists in the young ones come out.

9) Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery
Highgate Cemetery

A cemetery tour is one of the best ways to spend your Halloween days. Camden’s Highgate Cemetery can be an excellent place for an evening of terror, scare, and fun at Halloween. The cemetery is home to many high-end monuments and aesthetic graves. But the most notable thing about it is its haunted status.

The cemetery has been a subject of paranormal investigation for several years, and multiple ghostly encounters have been reported. So, spending a Halloween evening at an actual haunted place would draw out the frightening aspect of the season.

10) West End Theatres

West End Theatres
West End Theatres

London’s West End is a heaven for theatre and live show lovers. At Halloween, the Musical Concert Series is the highlight of all the events. Last year, the Lyric Theatre at Shaftesbury Avenue featured some lovely tunes from the classic “dark musical”.

A similar event is expected this year. The event details are yet to be announced. But expect the most renowned performers of the West End to grace this year’s Musical Halloween.


Spend your Halloween season in London and explore the city from its darkest aspects. Discover the capital’s dark history in the most realistic way at the London Dungeons. Plan a Halloween Weekend around the Warner Bros Studio visit in Leavesden. You can also plan a combined tour of London’s Haunted Places, including the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Highgate Cemetery, and Hampton Court Palace.


What is the best way to get around London for these events?

On a self-guided tour, use the London Tube to get around different attractions in Central London. For out-of-London tours like Warner Bros. Studio, you can take a direct train from Euston Station to Watford Junction and a shuttle bus from Watford that takes you to the studio.

What safety measures are in place for Halloween events in London?

Use extreme caution in case of Halloween Fire Events to prevent fire hazards. Do not leave kids unsupervised for trick-or-treat events if you’re out with kids. Make sure the family-friendly events are happening in well-lit areas, and don’t let the children under 13 wander away. Some events are suitable only for children above 12, so check age restrictions before booking.

How can I purchase tickets for these events?

Tickets for these events will soon go live on the venues’ official websites. You can also get discounts on early bookings. Generally, the tickets go live two months before the event. So, expect the bookings to get started by August.

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