Best Day Trips from London

Top 10 Best Day Trips from London

We all know London is considered one of the best places in the world to explore exciting spots, but the day trips from London are equally incredible. London’s suburbs have countless attractions for every interest, from historical sites to beautiful countryside and landscapes. These are the top 10 day trips from London that you must plan a nice, fun-filled weekend around:

1. Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

About 20 miles from Central London, the Historic Town of Windsor is home to Windsor Castle, the oldest functional castle in the world. The castle is the main attraction of the city and is home to over 1000 rooms and state apartments.

Key things to do at the castle include visiting state apartments, the moat room, the royal collection exhibition, and the hallways for a long walk. If you accompany a family with kids, be sure to visit Queen Mary’s Doll’s House, home to the world’s largest functional doll house that Queen Mary used to play with. Don’t forget to explore St. George’s Chapel, a burial site of Late Queen Elizabeth II and hundreds of other monarchs.

You can have London guided tours of the castle or approach the city via public transport. One of the best ways to get to Windsor from London is by boat. On a Windsor boat tour from London, you’ll board an authentic 20th-century steel vessel giving a vintage feel.

2. Oxford


Oxford is a university city known for the prestigious University of Oxford. The city has wonderfully preserved architecture that gives it a medieval vibe. Take a guided tour of Oxford City that includes the University, its colleges, dorms, and church.

The main attractions to visit are:

  • Ashmolean Museum (World’s first university museum)
  • Radcliffe Camera (the most photogenic site and the icon of the university)
  • Bodlien Library (one of the oldest European libraries)
  • University Church (tourists can climb to the Church’s tower for awesome views of the city)

On a guided tour, you can also explore Oxford Castle and Prison to learn about its 1000-year history, for instance, its time as a royal castle and a prison.

3. Bath


This ancient town is best known for its Roman Baths, natural spring baths that are still functional after two thousand years. Bath City is heaven for those who love exploring history and medieval architecture.

Generally, you’ll accompany a professional guide on Bath Tours from London to get to know about the history of every attraction. These include the Pulteney Bridge, Bath Abbey, the Jane Austen Centre, and the Royal Crescent Hotel with Royal Victoria Park. Since it’s a small town, you can easily walk around and get to each attraction within a few minutes.

Some Bath Tours include an exclusive entry inside the Roman Baths. Although Roman Baths is the main attraction of the city, the place requires a special entry ticket.

4. Stonehenge and Salisbury


Among the most famous prehistoric monuments is Stonehenge, a site with a history dating back 3000 years. You can take a guided historical tour from London to Stonehenge and Salisbury to explore this immensely popular site attraction, which attracts over a million visitors daily.

At the monument, you can have an up-close view of the site and take some panoramic photos against the lush green backdrop of Salisbury Plain. Some exclusive tours include an “inside the stone circle” experience where you get the closest possible view of the large stones (Sarsen) and small stones (blue stones) forming a unique ring-like structure.

Other key areas around the site include the Visitor Centre, Neolithic Houses, and the exhibitions at the center. A few miles away from the monument is the Salisbury Cathedral, a magnificent structure with a 129-metre-tall central spire and Gothic architecture. If you’re on a guided day tour to Stonehenge and Salisbury from London, you’ll get an exclusive entry inside the Cathedral.

5. Brighton


Brighton is all about beaches and a vibrant atmosphere that welcomes every energetic tourist. For families with kids, Brighton has something special. The “Brighton Palace Pier” is like a mini-Disney world on the seaside having countless amusement activities and fun rides for the little ones.

The highlight of your tour is British Airways i360, an observation deck 162-metres tall, the tallest in the UK after London’s “The Shard.” From its high-rising glass pod, you can enjoy 360-degree views of the Brighton shore and the English Channel.

The places to visit in Brighton are simply endless and easily cover a fun-filled day tour from London. These include the walking tour of The Lanes, Brighton Beach, Volk’s Electric Railway, and Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

6. Cambridge


Visit the University of Cambridge, one of the most reputable educational institutes in the world. During the visiting hours, you can enter the famous Trinity College, King’s College & Chapel, and the university’s Botanic Garden.

Although Cambridge is famous for its prestigious university, the most enjoyable experience in Cambridge is punting at the riverside. You can either engage in a self-punting experience or hire a punt that glides you through the River Cam with the spectacular views of the University.

History lovers can explore the Fitzwilliam Museum, a historic neoclassical building that houses valuable artifacts and antique items. Love having panoramic views of the campus? How about a walk along “The Backs,” where you’ll have the River Cams on one side and the spectacular university campus on the other? A perfect way to end your tour and capture some memorable photos on the university backdrop!

7. Cotswolds


The Cotswolds is one of the best tourist regions located in central South West England, especially if you’re a fan of hot air balloon rides. Take a Virgin Balloon Flight and have the breathtaking sites of the lush green Cotswolds landscape. Other places to see in the Cotswolds are the Gloucester Cathedral, Sedeley Castle, and the famous Blenheim Palace, featuring stunning Baroque Architecture.

If you’re on a budget, take a walking tour of the ancient cobblestoned streets and sightsee the classic huts of the Cotswolds. To reach the destination, take a train from London Marylebone station to Banbury, on the northeastern edge of the Cotswolds. 

8. Canterbury


Canterbury, located in Kent about 60 miles southeast of London, is famous for its charming heritage. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The most popular attraction is Canterbury Cathedral, a normal-built cathedral with a huge public library.

Be sure to visit the spacious Westgate Gardens, which offers a spectacular seaside view of Canterbury. The park is free to enter for families and solo travelers. You can approach this destination by taking a direct train from St Pancras International, which will take you straight to Canterbury West.

9. Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is a royal palace on the River Thames in Richmond upon Thames, London, about 12 miles southwest of central London. It is known for its stunning Tudor and Baroque architecture.

You can enjoy your prime weekend time by visiting adorable places near the palace, including The Great Hall, Chapel Royal, and Clock Court, to explore their architectural highlights. Hampton Court Palace is open to the public and managed by Historic Royal Palaces, a charity.

On a guided tour, you can visit inside the palace and see the state apartments, historic kitchens, and beautiful gardens. If you’re on a self-guided tour, take a train from London Waterloo to Hampton Court station, leaving you within walking distance from the palace.

10. Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle
Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle, also known as “the loveliest castle in the world,” is a historic treasure in Kent, England, 7 miles southeast of Maidstone. It’s a Grade I listed landmark rich with architecture and history. Family-friendly activities in and around the castle include entering it, visiting nearby playgrounds, and exploring falconry displays.

There are many ways to get to Leeds Castle from London, 40 miles southeast of the capital. The simplest public transport option is to take a train from London to Maidstone and then switch to a bus to get to the castle.


Which day trip from London is best for families with children?

For families with children, visiting Brighton beach town is the best activity. There are many amusement areas and family-friendly places to visit, like Brighton Palace Pier and the British Airways i360 observation deck.

Can I visit multiple destinations in a single-day trip from London?

On a themed tour, like a historical day trip from London, you can visit multiple destinations in a single day. Famous tour options include:

Are there guided tours available for these day trips?

All the day trips from London are available as both guided and self-guided tours, depending on your preferences.

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